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Dedicated Server - WebPC

Here are advantages of a dedicated server hosting with WebPC:

  • Fewer limitations on bandwidth and storage space than shared hosting
  • High reliability and minimal maintenance
  • More processing power than shared hosting
  • Faster upload and download speeds
  • More stable connection and performance for online browsing
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Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is assigned to a single hosting account. In other words, a dedicated server serves as your website address. Users can either type your domain name or your IP address to access it.

When a web hosting provider pairs a dedicated IP with a dedicated server, you can access full server resources. You can either assign the IP address to a single website or multiple websites.

Some web hosting providers also offer a dedicated IP as an add-on for an existing hosting package. For example, one can have a dedicated IP address even when using shared hosting.

On the other hand, shared IP addresses are commonly used in such web hosting plans as shared hosting or WordPress hosting. A shared IP address is assigned to multiple websites within one server.

Your web host will ensure visitors are directed to the right website based on the domain name despite having the same IP address.

Since users with shared IP addresses are using a shared server, the allocated resources are limited to some extent. Moreover, any action one website owner makes might affect the other websites. For instance, when a user with a shared IP address gets banned or blacklisted for email spamming, it can impact other users’ email service reputation.

Your choice between a regular and dedicated IP address should depend on the flexibility and control you want to have over your website. There are some cases when a dedicated server can benefit you, including:

Regularly accessing your website through FTP – a dedicated IP address grants access to edit and view your website even without a domain name.

dedicated server
dedicated server hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting

Installing third-party applications – several applications and services need a dedicated IP address to run on your server.

Establishing your email reputation – with its isolated environment, a dedicated IP address prevents you from getting penalized for malicious actions by other domains.

Improving performance and user experience – with a dedicated server, your host server can immediately retrieve your web content, reducing your site loading time.

Setting up your own server – a dedicated IP gives you a higher level of control and flexibility over your server setup, from setting up an FTP server to a gaming server.

Although a dedicated server can benefit some website owners, it isn’t a necessity. The best practice is to determine your site needs.

If your site is new and growing, then a shared IP address might be the right solution. However, if you’re running a business website that requires email marketing, a dedicated IP provides reliable email deliverability and allows you to maintain your domain reputation.

Dedicated server hosting is common in large corporations with websites that need significant reliability for uptime, security and high-speed processing. One major benefit to using dedicated server hosting is the security of having your own hardware and internet connection. A dedicated server is also much faster than a shared hosting account, which can be beneficial if you plan on running an online store or another type of website that requires high capacity, such as a video streaming platform. Consider several more advantages of dedicated servers over shared hosting services

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