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cPanel Reseller Hosting with 100% SSD

cPanel reseller hosting provides features for administering web hosting servers (WHM) and managing web hosting accounts (cPanel), and also reseller hosting.

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cpanel reseller hosting
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Automatic backups Daily Daily Daily
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Light Reseller Standard Reseller Professional Reseller
RESELLER HOSTING Choose your package
$7.99 /month
$14.50 /month
$26.99 /month
cPanel Reseller Hosting

cPanel Reseller Hosting

cPanel reseller hosting provides features for administering web hosting servers (WHM) and managing web hosting accounts (cPanel), and also reseller hosting. As standard cPanel accounts, resellers can access some WHM features, and they can create and manage cPanel accounts for other users.

Reseller accounts are great for people who want to provide web hosting services but don’t want or need a full server’s resources. With cPanel reseller hosting, the reseller rents server space from a hosting provider, then parcels it out to clients, each of whom has a cPanel account which can be customized by the reseller.

cPanel reseller hosting provides two user interface customization options to resellers :

Brand customization in WHM.

Themes that override the default theme with brand colors, text, and icons.

cPanel is a software used as a control panel to make it easy to manage your website.

You can launch websites using your own code or have cPanel’s auto-installer scripts whip you up a site powered by content management systems like WordPress.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting

    Here’s a list of some of the features that WebPC offers cPanel Reseller Hosting:

    ● Manage multiple domains

    ● Auto-install handy web scripts

    ● Manage database

    ● Create email accounts and forwarders

    ● Set up and maintain FTP accounts

    ● Set PHP version

    cPanel reseller hosting is a way you can purchase your own piece of a web server, and re-sell it to others.

    When it comes to cPanel reseller hosting, especially with cPanel reseller hosting, can do most of what the website management program offers, but more. Actions like SSL, email, and databases can be even managed and monitored from the reseller’s cPanel WHM. The WHM is a hosting manager tool that works hand-in-hand with cPanel, in order for you to run your own reseller or dedicated server.

Professional Reseller Hosting

Professional Reseller Hosting

With cPanel reseller hosting, you’ll purchase a wholesale subscription from a host. This plan will have specific allocations for storage space, bandwidth, and the number of websites it can support. In some cases, reseller hosts might also provide premium services such as automatic backups, updates, and free SSL certificates for your clients.

They may even sell you domain names or offer specialized customer support. In other words, the company you partner with should provide all the hosting infrastructure you need. It’s then your responsibility to personalize and market packages to your clients.

As we said, you’ll be in charge of customer service, setting prices, billing, and technical support. So it needs to be something you can handle and caters to your specific clientele. Your clients will receive the same product as if they had purchased directly from a third-party host. However, they’ll also get your personalized service and branding.

Therefore, the setup may be more attractive to customers who already trust your business. Furthermore, you can make a profit by offering managed cPanel reseller hosting and taking care of more behind-the-scenes tasks. Your clients will receive better customer service, and you can maintain their businesses into the future.

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A reseller account offers various advantages to individuals or companies looking to manage different websites. These advantages include better resource management, the ability to use your own private brand, and the potential to generate income.

Strong passwords, regular updates, trusted plugins, SSL certificate, and frequent backups are essential for securing WordPress sites.

Reseller accounts allow you to create separate cPanel accounts for your customers. You can allocate disk space, bandwidth, and other resources among these sub-accounts.

There may be differences between cPanel and other control panels. While cPanel is a widely accepted control panel, other alternatives can offer different features. By making comparisons, you should choose the one that best suits your needs.